Event Registration

The most common requests for e-commerce at the University are for event registration forms.  Whether for a conference, a summer camp, a dinner, etc., the E-commerce Committee can help you create an online form to accept registrations. Tell us what information you need to collect from your registrants, what required fees and optional fees there are, and what emails you would like sent as part of the registration process.

Complete the E-commerce Request Form to get started.

Event Management

KU units can work with KU Professional & Continuing Education’s event management services. You can select from a range of services including marketing, budgeting, speaker coordination, content support, registration, logistics, food & beverage, lodging and more. You will have a team of experts and state-of-the-art tools to support your event, whether you are hosting a few people or more than a thousand. Learn more on KU's Conference & Event Management website, and contact for a consultation and quote.

Online Store Fronts

We can help create a webstore for your unit that will allow customers to purchase online through a shopping cart. You can add products to sell, along with images, and set the price for individual items, manage inventory count, tax status, etc. You also can set different shipping methods, or deliver your products digitally online.

See current Online Store Fronts.

Third Party/Vendor Consultations

Is your unit working with a vendor to host events, sell products, etc.? TouchNet Information Systems provides third-party vendor integration through its partnership program. If the vendor is a “TouchNet Ready Partner," the integration can be straightforward and relatively easy to set up. If your vendor is not a TouchNet Ready Partner, there may still be ways to integrate with the TouchNet system. If integration is not possible, the E-commerce Committee can review your vendor's e-commerce system to verify whether it meets KU standards and, if it does, grant an exception to the E-commerce Policy.

E-commerce Do's

DO work with the KU E-commerce Committee for all your KU e-commerce needs

DO allow plenty of time to establish your Merchant ID and e-commerce solutions (min. 1-3 months)

DO read and comply with all KU e-commerce guidelines and policies

E-commerce Don'ts

DON'T use unauthorized e-commerce vendors, including Square, PayPal, etc.

DON'T conduct e-commerce at KU without an official Merchant ID

DON'T initiate conversations or contracts with external vendors without the assistance of the E-commerce Committee