Get Started with E-commerce at KU

Follow the steps below to submit an e-commerce request and get started working with the KU E-commerce Committee.

Step One:
Complete the E-commerce Request Form


Step Two:
KU E-commerce Committee will review your request and contact you to schedule a brief meeting

Meeting topics will include:

  • Touchnet - KU's payment processing solution, including features
  • Your specific e-commerce needs (e.g., online registrations, online shopping cart, point-of-sale terminal, etc)
  • Security and compliance guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Establish an implementation timeline
  • All applicable fees, including costs for any custom development and/or integrations
  • Vendor-purchased application needs: If you elect to use an approved application from a third-party vendor, the E-commerce Committee will assist you in arranging contact between the vendor and TouchNet Information Systems, our payment provider. There are typically fees for this type of integration, which will also be discussed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A typical request takes a minimum of 1-3 months

Step Three:
KU Accounting Services will establish a Merchant ID for your unit

Step Four:
Web Development

KU Information Technology (KU IT) will assist in the development of registration forms and/or an online store in close consultation with you and KU Accounting Services. It is the your unit's responsibility to first have the cost(s) approved by the KU Rate Review Committee.

Step Five:
Go Live

Once your application is live, you will be able to run reports and view transaction details.


E-commerce Do's

DO work with the KU E-commerce Committee for all your KU e-commerce needs

DO allow plenty of time to establish your Merchant ID and e-commerce solutions (min. 1-3 months)

DO read and comply with all KU e-commerce guidelines and policies

E-commerce Don'ts

DON'T use unauthorized e-commerce vendors, including Square, PayPal, etc.

DON'T conduct e-commerce at KU without an official Merchant ID

DON'T initiate conversations or contracts with external vendors without the assistance of the E-commerce Committee